Full Moon in Aquarius 2017

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Aquarius is a fixed air sign. The air brings mental activity and the new technologies especially those of television computing and the internet. With the fixed quality think of the fixatives connected to dyeing. Fixatives make permanent or set the dye colouring, they harden or as in science they hold for microscopic study. Computing machines and televisions contain or hold electromagnetic energies so we can see and play with them.

Aquarius is known as the water holder and is depicted pouring out for all from a large jar. An esoteric mantrum for the sign is “Water of Life am I poured out for thirsty people.” However it’s not water that the Aquarian jar holder is distributing but air in the form of electromagnetic energy . In spiritual terms this is Vital Life energy – energy which the developed Aquarian pours out for others as Light and Love and Power.

As the sun moves through the sign Of Aquarius from the 20th January to the 18th February this year, we can all learn and practice the Aquarian skill of fixing our energies … of holding our energies steady  and then pouring out these energies as part of a wonderful worldwide distribution network.  The angelic realm rules this sign so they specially involve themselves with the processes of this work. Because the Aquarian energy works for the whole of humanity working in group for is particularly powerful and effective.

We can challenge the repressive trumpeting energies sounding in the world at this time. These are energies of a fading Age that would withhold, punish and exclude and attempt to hold energies to a self-seeking exclusive group. We can seek to do the opposite and model ourselves on the incoming Aquarian Age by being focussed and contained, loving and inclusive. Aquarius seeks to distribute the energies for all.

I don’t mean to suggest here that the Piscean Age or energy is not ok for it is a very beautiful sign, but what we face at the end of the Piscean Age is the extremist aspects of the sign and its ruling ray 6 where love for all becomes an over devotional idealism which becomes fanaticism and gives rise to fundamentalism and the factionalism of particular groups and ideologies rather than “for the good of all”

So in the face of those that trumpet war, bigotry, repression and ‘power over’, we can create our own trumpets funnelling in spiritual love, power and light and channel them through all the networks of the planet. In specific places in the world, we can create a wormhole or a tube torus to funnel in inter dimensional energies. We can develop our loving “energy equipment” to enable us to harness channel and reflect the power and light of the New energies into the world. The angels will guide us if we open to them and each other in a spiritual way!

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