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There’s no doubt in my mind that if we want to grow and become more whole and more spiritually aware, we need to develop our ability to focus within a field of love and compassion. Setting a focused loving intention can transform our individual life and the collective life of humanity.

There are many ways that people become more whole and more spiritually aware eg through meditation and contemplation, prayer, white magic and ceremony. Recently I experimented with the Novena as a way to use some of these processes. Here are some of my thoughts and also some information about the Novena.

In the traditional church setting the Novena is a request or petition made to Mary, Jesus or the saints, or it can be undertaken as a preparation for a holy day or for the forgiveness of sins. In Greek and Roman times the Novena was also used for a 9 day mourning practice after someone died. This also became part of the Christian Novena practice. After Jesus died he asked the apostles and Mary to remain in Jerusalem for 9 days after which the Holy Spirit would be sent to them. After 9 days of prayer, this happened and is known as Pentecost. So the Novena is often seen as something directly set up by Jesus.

I am very interested in the power of groups and believe that the energies of the Aquarian Age which are now flowing into our world, aid groups to be able to create extremely transformative processes in the world…something really needed in these times.

I believe that as each individual person becomes more and more integrated, these Aquarian energies along with the energies of the developing soul, will be felt more and more deeply and people will feel a pull to enter into group processes in some way. So although, in life, there needs to be a balance between the individual and group experiences, the urge to enter some kind of group process will become strong as these developments occur within us.

I am lucky enough to have opportunities to run groups of different kinds and am always looking for ways to help them and myself as part of them, to grow and become increasingly able to function as strong individuals within group processes. So the Novena also interested me for these reasons. My understanding of the Novena came from a book written by Carol Parrish-Hanna called “The book of Rituals Personal and planetary transformation”. Amongst many interesting things I found in that book was a form of the Novena which she had used in her Community group. Carol’s perspective is Esoteric/Christian.

I used the Novena in my own life for quite a few years and really enjoyed and felt the value of its focused practice each day. Along with other practices, it became a powerful way to set a focus for my life and opened me more deeply to a sense of being able to participate in transformative planetary and personal actions.

So I set about developing a Novena experience for both a group and individual experience, which would hopefully give people a venue to work with others constructively and to embark on some group work with the aim of transforming themselves and changing the world.

In the Novena group I created we developed individual and group requests for things we wanted to transform both in our own lives and in the life of the planet. The choice of a group project was created by using a magical process.  We met as a group physically twice… once to set up the group and then on the 9th day of the Novena to do the novena requests and prayers together. The rest of the time the group did their own work each day but continued to be linked in on the inner planes.

The word Latin word ‘Novem’ means 9 from when November was the ninth month. It is a powerful number. The nine comes before the ten and is the completion of a project and the embarking into something new another 1 (where 10=1+0=1) So the 9 is allowing something to be completed and something new to emerge. The 9 is also a 3×3 and recalls the trinity of the divine in Christian, non-Christian and pagan traditions – something I might write more about later.. So in the Novena we pray and focus for 9 days to complete an important project and the power in the number to aids the process.

If you’re interested in the Novena process and would like to participate in one or talk about it please email me at  or read and practice the relevant section in Carol’s book. I used the prayers she gives as is apart from some modernising eg changing the word God to Divine Spirit


The reference is:

The book of Rituals. Personal and planetary transformation

Carol E Parrrish-Harra

IBS Press 1990


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