Full Moon in PISCES 2017

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Musings for Pisces

Pisces is the 12th sign of the astrological wheel of the year and completes another full turn of the wheel of the year. At the Equinox we move from Pisces into Aries and begin another astrological yearly cycle.

Pisces is a mutable water sign and being the ruler of the 12th house, is deeply connected with the unconscious. People with Pisces emphasized in their chart tend to be extremely sensitive and often very psychic. In the early development of Pisces there can be a frequent sense of overwhelm or lost-ness because of the power of these psychic sensitivities, which are an aspect of the mutable water and the nature of the unconscious realms. However as the Piscean person develops, they learn to direct this sensitivity and at a very developed level they become able to be more universal and inclusive. Pisces is one of the most ancient of the astrological signs. The feminine Divine in Pisces reveals Herself as the very early fish and ocean Goddesses.

Pisces is like a trip to the underworld and our personal journey into our “dark” side.. full of fears and shadows. But as we strip away the layers and let the shadows fall away, the dark world teaches us of our basic Lighted nature. In Pisces we see and experience the light more deeply because we have made the journey into the dark . We begin to see that the light comes through the darkness.

As our earth expands and ascends into the new energies and frequencies, we travel with her… for all Life on this planet is One and shares the expanding journey into greater and greater wholeness. As the Piscean Age retreats we feel/see the last shadows emerging for integration as we enter the new Age. This can occur in the personal unconscious as well as in the collective unconscious. If we allow the shadows and veils to fall away… we will see the inner sun… inside of us. The sun appears through the darkness. This is an aspect of the mystery of the dark sun. Think of the mystery of the dark sun in a total solar eclipse and the wonder of the sun as it reappears from the darkness. Or more deeply ponder the dark mystery at the centre of our galaxy and the spiritual sun that shines through it.

When the world presents its many polarities for healing and resolution, the dark sun can be a deeply integrative symbol. Seeing the light emerging out of the darkness helps us to see how the current difficulties and darkness’s can be a birthplace for the new.

I have attached a photo of the dark sun. If you feel drawn this can be used in this Piscean time to contemplate some of the mysteries of darkness and light. If you would like to discuss these things further we will be doing this particularly at the Full Moon. I look forward to seeing you there if feels right for you to come.