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2020 event calender image

Much has happened since I last wrote. The bushfires have affected and
continue to affect many people, creatures and the environment. Here, where I
live, the fire from Cudlee Creek came up to the boundary of Mount Torrens but
the town was safe.

The bushfires and other largescale disasters, can be understood and felt in
many ways. I believe that in dealing with such happenings and integrating
them, it’s important to bring the Mind and Heart together and to think about
them as well as to feel and work intuitively with them. We can look at such
events from the perspective of the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water,
Ether. Firstly, we can look within ourselves and understand how necessary it
is to balance up these elements as they are expressed within us as feelings
emotions thoughts and intuitions.

It is also important to consciously radiate out that balanced energy that we
are working on in ourselves into our environment. We don’t have to be in
perfect balance to do this with positive effect, as long we are making a
loving and clear attempt to understand and heal and balance our inner
cleavages. Another way we radiate out our energy, is by doing things in the
external world that help ground this balance into our world. We do this by
caring for our environment, caring for people, nature, creatures etc. at all
times but particularly in disasters, we give of our love and compassion
through practical loving activities such as donating money, helping restore
bushland, making protective outfits for burnt animals, cooking food for CFS
personnel etc. As we bring the inside and the outside together, we are
developing an important balance and healing within ourselves and into the

In our Ceremonies meditations and discussions at the Centre, we have over
the years addressed a number of these issues, insights and I plan to
continue to do this in a more focused way this year. With all of these
things in mind, I am with love attaching the Events Calendar for the year
2020 for all the events to be held at the Aquarius Healing and Education
Centre 154 Mt Barker Rd Stirling.

Public Events FM. Equinox Calendar for 2020.docx


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