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 Summer Solstice Special Event

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for the Summer Solstice Event

****update summer solstice 2020****

Monday 21st December

**6.00pm – 9.00pm**

Held at the Aquarius Healing and Education Centre. 154 Mt Barker Rd Stirling.

Special Summer Solstice Celebration, this
ceremony will be linking with an event at Uluru being coordinated by
aboriginal elders and supported by visiting friends (Including 3 from our
group here at the Centre).

We will be starting the Solstice Ceremony at 6pm. Please eat beforehand in a way that is right for you, so you will be able to participate effectively in the ceremony which will finish about 9pm. The ceremony will include a purification, some Qigong, some sound work, a spiral dance and a time of focussed working together with clear intent to help the ascension of the earth’s energy and the raising of the rainbow serpent. After the ceremony we will have a shared supper.

Click on link below for more information

Summer Solstice December 21st 2020.docx 3

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