Autumn Equinox and Pisces Full Moon

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Autumn Equinox and Pisces Full Moon Event

Friday 20th March


Dear friends

This email is a warm welcome for you and your friends to come to the next event at the Aquarius Healing and Education Centre which is a combined celebration of the full moon as the sun travels through Pisces and as we pass through the Autumn equinox. The Pisces full Moon occurs on Friday the 18th March at 5.49pm and the Autumn equinox on Monday 21st March at 2.03 am. Because the events are so close together we are holding our celebration in the middle on Sunday 20th March 1.30 -3.00pm.

During the celebration, we will be thinking about and contemplating the mutable water of Pisces. Pisces is the natural ruler of the 12th house and completes the wheel of the year astrologically. We will also consider the Autumn Equinox which celebrates the movement of the Astrological wheel of the year into Aries and is the start of a new astrological year and the entry into the 1st house. Aries is cardinal and fiery, so during our time together we have a great opportunity to work with fire and water.

As we look around the world we can see how important it is to balance these two elements within us and within our world. These two elements represent our emotions (Pisces) and our minds (Aries). I am re attaching the material I wrote about Pisces (with corrected dates and times) sent last month by mistake and am including some thoughts about the Equinox and the fiery initiating energy of Aries as well. So please read them if they call. The writing about the Autumn equinox talks about the 4 elements earth, air, fire and water and discusses the 5th sacred element of soul/spirit. Because pentacles are discussed in the email about the Ukraine, I have resent it in case you’re interested to visit or revisit it

All are welcome to this event. Bring your friends. No charge. Donations welcomed. You can donate in the “golden bowl” at the event or any time at People’s Choice Credit Union BSB 805 050 Account Name: Conscious Connection. Acct No: 2371918. Account holder Margaret Tscharke.

The event includes celebration, ceremony, meditation and discussion, followed by a shared afternoon tea. It is led by myself, Janet Schwarz and is hosted by Meg Tscharke. Both of us look forward to seeing you there, if it feels right for you to be present. Please bring some food to share if staying for afternoon tea.

If you would like further information about this event or other work I do, please contact me on 0400886872 or email me at 

Love in the light


CLICK on LINK Below For more information 

Autumn.docx 2022.docx v2

Full Moon in Pisces.docx2022

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