My Work

Counselling /therapy/one to one sessions

Let’s say that you (or someone you know) want to come for some sessions perhaps because of overwhelming thoughts and/feelings or because you (or they) were depressed, anxious, grieving or perhaps traumatised by an event recent or past – or maybe just wanting to talk something through with someone understanding and supportive who was not part of their friendship/family circle. Then the counselling and therapy I offer might be useful.


Basic practicalities
As a registered Psychologist, you can come to me without a referral just out of curiosity or interest or need. If you have Private Health Insurance then you can claim for rebates. Medicare Rebates are also available through referral from a General Practitioner who is listed with Medicare to do this work. A visit to the Doctor means explaining in simple terms what is going on such as stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, post traumatic stress, abuse, eating disorders relationship stress. The Doctor is then able to give an assessment which when registered with Medicare, entitles you to a refund which can be claimed through Medicare. The refund for Psychologists (non clinical) is approximately $80 per visit with 10 sessions allowed in any calendar year.
The feedback I give to the doctor depends on each doctor and may or may not be written. The form of this will be discussed with you and written reports will be seen by you if that is what you want. Usually the feedback to the doctor consists of a brief overview of the sessions and a summary. Few (if any) intimate details are discussed.
The charge for a session with me is $120 for a generous hour. Concessions may be available, if these are requested. I also give a 10% discount for regular sessions.
I keep case notes, as is legally required and these can be viewed by request and copies obtained if needed.


What can you expect?
At the first session we can begin to get to know each other, look at what you want to work on and make a start. If you wish I can give you more details about how I work and what you think may be useful e.g. talking, Meditation or awareness exercises, bodywork, breath work etc Sometimes people just like to start and begin to share what is happening for them and find out more about what I do as we go along.
Many people find it very valuable to talk and express themselves. They may finish their sessions after one visit or may come for a few visits. They may also decide they want to explore more and deepen into a fuller understanding themselves and their life.
If you decide you would like further sessions we can talk together and work out a focus for them. I will make some suggestions about what might work but I am guided by the wishes and understandings of the people who come. Some people also come for a few sessions then leave and come back to work on issues at various times as they feel a need.
With deeper work, more is shared about how the whole self can become more whole and integrated. In these deeper ongoing sessions, we will talk or do experiential work about the areas of challenge and how work on these areas can integrate the physical emotional mental or spiritual aspects and bring a deeper sense of self trust and connection. The deeper work is designed so that people can bring about the changes they want to create in themselves and in their life

What I do
Before you come, I will do some centring and grounding exercises to connect and integrate with myself so I feel as whole as I am able for when you arrive. I limit the number of clients I see so that I can be there for each person in an unrushed, clear and compassionate way.
To me each session and each person is unique and of interest. I believe that these things help keep me and my work fresh and alive. I endeavour to be open and relaxed and be the most real I can.
As I work with the experiences of being with each person, ideas and intuitive insights arise and if it feels right I suggest these to people. I encourage people to express any discomforts or dislike of any technique and strategy and give ways to stop anything I do that does not feel right.