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WESAK and Taurus Full Moon Celebration

Monday 16th May


Dear friends

This is a warm invitation to join us for our special Wesak celebration being held at the Aquarius Healing and Education Centre, 154 Mt Barker Rd Stirling, on Monday the 16th May from 1pm- 4.00pm. The exact Full Moon time is 1.45pm on that day so we will be able to link in with the many pilgrims who will be gathering at the Wesak valley in Tibet. Wesak is a powerful multi layered spiritual event and as we link in, a deep spiritual empowerment is possible … more so as we join together “heart to heart… mind to mind …. spirit to spirit”.

At the time of Wesak, Buddhists celebrate Buddha’s birth, death and enlightenment and it is known that many teachers and masters come to the valley at this time to be with their followers or to be part of the facilitation of the proceedings . Esotericists hold that at the exact time of the full moon at Wesak, the Buddha returns to the Earth plane for a few minutes to bless and enrich humanity. At the same time in the constellation of Taurus the eye of the bull, the red sun Aldarbaran is believed to open. This links to the mantrum for Taurus which is “When the eye is opened all is light/illumined”

We are starting the event at 1pm to be meditating together with the pilgrims in the Wesak valley and with spiritual workers from across the world at the exact full moon time of 1.45pm. To honor the Buddha and the Buddhist way, Viola will be helping me set up the space in a Buddhist manner. At the event she will help us understand about the use of the ceremonial bowls and other sacred objects used. The event includes an offering and a water ceremony. At the point of the full moon, it is believed that the Christ as the master of the ashrams touches a bowl of water with his wand. This specially blessed water is distributed to all afterwards and is of benefit to all including the sick and those in need … plants and animals will also benefit as will water supplies. So bring some small bottles/containers if you wish to take some home with you. 

This event is facilitated by myself and is hosted by Meg Tscharke and we both welcome you and look forward to celebrating with you. An afternoon tea follows so please bring something to share if you plan to stay.

If you would like further information about this full moon or other work I do, please contact me on m.0400886872 or email me at skydancer8@bigpond.com or check out my website on www.wholisticpsychology.com.au  or on Facebook www.facebook.com/wholisticpsychology.

Meg and I look forward to seeing you and celebrating this special time together

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Wesak 2022

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