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Wednesday 8th April

Dear friends,
Due to COVID19 Meg and I have decided to change the way we run the celebration of the next full moon which is the full Moon as the sun passes through the sign of Aries
We have decided to develop the idea of the inner (subjective) group, which means we will meet as a group but subjectively and on the inner planes- with 2 of us meeting physically at the Centre to anchor the energy and the rest of us at home. Since we have more flexibility, we will create this on Wednesday the 8th April starting at midday and finishing at 1pm (The exact Full Moon time is 6 minutes past midday)
To create a stronger vortex of power, I’m asking those of you who are interested to text or ring me about your interest and commitment to being involved.
( Janet ph. 0400886872) I will take these names to the celebration. This will help bring the group together in a more definite way. Before the meeting I will also text the first names to everybody who has committed themselves to participate so that everyone at home working subjectively can do the same thing.
Below you will find a download with some thoughts about this link up for the Aries Full Moon with some stimulus and seed thoughts and other ideas for the meditation.
In these challenging times may our hearts open to the balance of life that we achieve through reflection and action.
If you want to know more and or participate, please open the attachment which is in PDF forms. You can also ring me on the provided number.
Love in the fiery Light of Aries
PS I have just been informed that there is a global meditation link up on Sunday 5th April at 12.15pm (the clocks will just have been put back)
It is at the moment of a Jupiter /Pluto conjunction and is for 20 minutes on theme “One heart One mind uniting as one mind and one consciousness” …working together for the end of all the different sufferings and claiming our freedom from all the prisons that we have created in the world. Maybe more online I have only just received it through Messenger and wanted to pass it on


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William Meader in February 2020 (see below)

* ADVANCED NOTICE: Esoteric Teacher William Meader’s return visit to
Adelaide 19-25th Feb 2020.
William will be available for Esoteric Astrological readings & talks & workshops.

www.emergentlight.com or on Facebook Emergent Light (William Meader).
Advanced Astrological bookings are being taken
(subject & date & time to be notified)
at Aquarius Healing & Education Centre
154 Mount Barker Rd, Stirling S.A.
Email megt@chariot.net.au

Wholistic Psychology


Connecting with the whole

of yourself and the whole of life

Counselling and Therapy

Meditation- Body Centred Therapy

Medicare and Health Rebates Available


I offer a professional and experienced Psychological service which I have effectively combined with a spiritual and wholistic approach. I consider that cognitive behaviour therapy or traditional “talking and cognitive based therapies” which help people to clarify issues and develop life strategies and skills, can be very compatible with more wholistic approaches such meditation, awareness and breathing exercises and bodywork.
The wholistic Psychology approach, I have developed, looks at how we can feel more whole, more connected and integrated. I believe this movement towards wholeness brings us a growing sense of well being, vitality and self awareness. I use a range of therapies which are developed in discussion with people who come.
Becoming more integrated and connected to the inner spiritual self allows the whole that you are to keep growing and expanding.