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Leo full moon image 2020


Monday 3rd August


You are warmly invited to come to the celebration of the full moon as the
sun goes through the sign of Leo. This year because the full moon is very
close to the Pagan festival of Brigit or Candlemas (August 2nd), we will
honour and celebrate both. The event will be held at the Aquarius Healing 
Education Centre 154 Mt Barker Rd Stirling on the 3rd August 7.00pm to
8.30pm. The exact time of the full Moon is at 1.30am 4/8/20.

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Leo Full Moon Celebration 2020 pdf


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Wholistic Psychology


Connecting with the whole

of yourself and the whole of life

Counselling and Therapy

Meditation- Body Centred Therapy

Medicare and Health Rebates Available


I offer a professional and experienced Psychological service which I have effectively combined with a spiritual and wholistic approach. I consider that cognitive behaviour therapy or traditional “talking and cognitive based therapies” which help people to clarify issues and develop life strategies and skills, can be very compatible with more wholistic approaches such meditation, awareness and breathing exercises and bodywork.
The wholistic Psychology approach, I have developed, looks at how we can feel more whole, more connected and integrated. I believe this movement towards wholeness brings us a growing sense of well being, vitality and self awareness. I use a range of therapies which are developed in discussion with people who come.
Becoming more integrated and connected to the inner spiritual self allows the whole that you are to keep growing and expanding.