Short Biography

I grew up in a small town in the North Island of New Zealand with a German Lutheran background that gave me connections to the Barossa Valley in South Australia through my Grandfathers and my Father.
I came to South Australia in the late sixties and feel very much at home here in the Adelaide Hills.

I am a registered Psychologist and qualified Radix Therapist. I have also undertaken intensive spiritual training including Meditation and Esoteric Psychology.

I have taught and practised Meditation for many years. I spent 17 years in Community Health running a range of groups including Relaxation, Stress and Meditation and in that time learned much about group work and the life issues a large cross section of people experience.

In the last 5 years I have been focussing on extending my own business. This includes a regular Psychology Practice as well as Meditation classes and groups and various workshops. Some of the main ways I have of working in my Psychological Practice are through ‘talking therapies’, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Radix body work, Meditation and Meditative activities.  I provide services for all life issues including stress, anxiety depression, phobias, relationship, and death and dying. For more details see “About my Work”.

My Psychological Practice has two locations. One is from a Home Office here in the lovely little heritage listed village of Mt Torrens. I also have a space in Stirling- which is in the Adelaide Hills, being about 15 minutes from the city. This space is part of a Centre I also use for Meditation classes and Full Moon Celebrations and for a number of the other activities I run. I lead a Public Full Moon Celebration once a month as well as periodic Meditation Retreats.

I have come to see my life as a journey into a growing wholeness in which my body, feelings and mind have become more alive and connected and  more integrated with my spiritual being – my soul/spirit. As this has happened, I see that I am becoming increasingly connected to wider life including the physical world as well as other people and as part of a number of networks. This has led to a real sense of inner connection and a deepening trust in myself and in my life.

I have increasingly begun thinking of the work that I do as a Psychologist as “Wholistic Psychology”, because it is about the development of the whole of the ‘self’ and the way the split off ‘parts’ can begin to connect and come into a growing sense of wholeness(For more detail click on what is Wholistic Psychology). The spiral, as my logo, represents this unfolding development of the self. This is the creative growth towards wholeness that we see throughout Nature and the Cosmos. Just as the spiral unfolding happens in Nature and the Cosmos so it happens in us. I see my work as being a supporter/facilitator of this spiral process.

I endeavour to practise the things I believe in and work at my own development and connection with myself and others each day. I love Nature and am a keen gardener and enjoy the processes of life revealed in working with Nature. I am a recycler, composter and worm farmer and I love to walk and be in Nature. My curious nature also makes me a great fixer and renovator as I have always liked to see things that don’t function or look beautiful start to work or look beautiful again. I love animals, enjoy looking after and being with my cat and enjoy deep and meaningful conversations and connections with friends.