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Friday 19th November


Back from an amazing adventure up north, I am writing this enjoying the soft luxury of a beautiful Adelaide spring day, watching the wonderful display of flowers in the garden at the moment. Both of these places reveal to me an intensity of different kinds and I like both.  Up North the dry arid spaciousness and here the verdant softness… Nature in two of her wondrous appearances!!

As the sun passes through the constellation of Scorpio, one of the things we are called to appreciate is this quality of intensity. Usually, we think of the Scorpio intensity as being of the deep emotional and difficult kind, as the working through of these deep intensities is often accompanied tests trials and tribulations ……… However that is only part of the story. If you are interested to read more on this theme, you can find it in the accompanying attachment which also contains added information about the Scorpio Full Moon celebration. The celebration this month will be held on Friday 19th November 7pm-8.30pm. The exact Full Moon time is 7.30pm that evening, which means we’ll be able to meditate together at the FM time.

All are welcome. Bring your friends. No charge.

The evening includes celebration, ceremony, meditation and discussion, followed by a shared supper. It is led by myself, Janet Schwarz and is hosted by Meg Tscharke. Both of us look forward to seeing you there, if it feels right for you to be present. Please bring something to share if staying for supper.

Many thanks to Fiona and Jani for leading the last Full Moon.. a lovely and special evening I believe. As a footnote to that – at the time of the Full Moon, my friend Lizzie and I had wanted to be at Lake Eyre swagging out under the Full Moon but ended up in a sandstorm in a cabin at William Creek!! However from our cabin beds, Liz and I set up a magic space and did a long deep meditation and I felt a special connection with you all.

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Full Moon in Scorpio Celebration 2021


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Venue: Aquarius Healing & Education Centre,

154 Mt Barker Rd, Stirling South Australia.

Everyone is warmly invited to come to any or all of these events.

**Please note …These Full Moons are celebrated as Solar Festivals and have an esoteric /pagan flavour. All life affirming spiritual perspectives are honoured and welcomed. As solar festivals, they mark the full moons that occur as the sun passes through each of the astrological signs. The solar influence lasts throughout the month of the sign and is especially heightened at the point of the full moon. In the celebrations we learn to understand and work more deeply with these energies in order to aid our own lives and to foster all life on this planet.

The focus is more spiritual than personal. we often do simple ceremonies to put us in touch with the energies eg…using herbs and oils, symbols, colour, sound and movement.

We have an open perspective and one that welcomes all spiritual approaches that work with Love and for the good of all. the evening includes a Meditation usually led by Janet Schwarz

These events are led by Janet Schwarz, hosted by Meg Tscharke.

All of these Public Events are free. Donations welcomed. 

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